Monday, September 17, 2012

EDSS 521: Literacy Survey

Student Questionnaire
Today's entry is about a questionnaire I conducted in class to find out more about the students literacy.

I conducted a student questionnaire in my Spanish I class of 39 students. I wanted to get feedback from how I was teaching, getting to know their likes, what activities they are involved in as well as if they liked to read. I did open ended questions in the hope they would write sentences. The students were are asked about their least favorite subject; 5-English, 11-History, 18-Math, 3-PE, 1-Lab Bio, 1-AP Chem. Some of their answers had spelling mistakes, some responses were in complete sentences while others with one or two words. Some expressed that they didn't like English because they struggled with reading. I noticed that the first four questions dealing with school were mostly short answers. With the rest of the questions most students wrote more. The last question I asked, "Anything else you would like to share?", I received varied responses. Many were left blank or had 'no', although a handful  wrote about their favorite color, other likes and about their families.

I didn't expect to have full length answers to some questions. I primarily wrote the questionnaire to see how well there English writing skills were and how comfortable they felt expressing themselves on paper. I wanted to know this because learning a new language is very difficult and I wanted to see at what level the students were performing. Some students really opened up about the things they wanted to share with us teachers. I came away knowing more about the students. Many students are very involved in school or community activities. I also asked what TV shows they liked because I am hoping to find some clips of them in Spanish so they see some differences. I am very glad I did this questionnaire. I hope to do another one halfway through the semester with questions about Spanish language and their literacy habits; to see if they have changed. 

Blank Sample of Student Questionnaire That Was Given To Students

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