Monday, September 17, 2012

EDSS 555: Social Injustice

Today's blog is about an injustice that I have seen. 

A History of Western Society - AP Euro Textbook 
I found it in injustice that AP Euro students are not able to check out their textbook because there are not enough books for all the students in the program. The textbooks are 7th edition and were last printed in 2003, soon to be a decade out of print, so it has become a challenge to find these books. Recently they found some textbooks, somewhere in the Mid-West. It cost about $15 to rebind these books. Currently the district does not allocate monies for AP/IB programs, the school site must pay for it through their funds. I didn't know about this, I really hope there is a way to fix this. I hope they can implement a plan to put a little bit of money aside for future textbooks for these programs. 

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